Tropical Protein Balls - make at home + high in Whey protein powder!

A easy roll at home whey protein recipe that is deliciously bursting with tropical goodness and with no added refined sugars. With healthy ingredients like goji berries which contain more iron gram for gram than steak and contain more beta-carotene than any other plant. Apricots, which are an excellent source of vitamin A and Mangos, which are high in amino acids and a super antioxidant. If possible try and use whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows, which tastes creamier and is more natural as has little processing and so more easily digestible.


Medjool dates (pitted) x3

Cashew butter                                              2 tbsp.

Coconut nectar or agave or rice malt syrup         2 tbsp.

Desiccated Coconut                                                 2 tbsp.

Mango            (dried & chopped)                          1 x cup

Apricots (dried & chopped)                                    1 x cup

Whey protein                                                1 tbsp.

Goji berries (soaked or can be hard)                   ½ cup

Juice and zest of ½ lemon


These recipes are super easy to make by hand – throw all of the lovely + healthy ingredients in to a large bowl and mix together with your fingers for a minute or so…or empty into a food processor/nutrimix/magimix if you have one handy. Roughly divide the mix in to about 15 balls (rough diameter of a 10p coin) and place them on a tray or in a lunchbox. Pop these delicious balls in the fridge for about 1 hour and voila. …..these energy balls put you in a tropical holiday mood! Preparation time just a few minutes to make and require hardly any washing up. Makes approx. 15 balls, depending on the size of each ball!

Preparing ingredients for the Tropical Protein Balls
Mixing the Tropical Protein Ball mix
Rolling the Tropical Protein Balls
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