The Protein Ball Co is the original bite sized protein ball brand which was founded by husband and
wife team Matt + Hayley Hunt in October 2015 - They haven’t stopped rolling since!

We’re based in Worthing, West Sussex and pride ourselves in making the most delicious + nutritious high protein snacks. We hand roll every ball and a lot of love goes into what we do.

Our great tasting protein balls are made with simple, high quality ingredients that can be recognised by everyone which we feel is important when it comes down to healthy eating. There are no added sugars, they are packed with fibre and high in protein.
Founder Hayley first started making these for family snacks and loved the use of these raw ingredients and now has over 100 recipes ready to share.

Although we are only 3 years old and rolling over 1 million balls a month, we are still a small family run business, with only 33 local employees. Hayley + Matt remain hands on with recipe and new product development, export sales and branding.

We ARE PROUD TO SAY THAT WE roll these ourselves in WEST sussex by the sea
Hayley Hunt - Founder

As well as being a great healthy alternative snack, The Protein Ball Co is great for pre + post work out.
Our 6 bite sized balls allow you to snack on the go whilst running, cycling or simply enjoy them as a grab and go snack. Our protein snacks are perfect for fulfilling those mid morning + mid afternoon cravings – ideal to keep in your drawer at work or to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

The Protein Ball Co was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Hayley Hunt after they struggled to find clean,
healthy protein related grab-and-go snacks. 

When people think protein, they often think bodybuilders and meal replacements. We wanted to change that perception and make protein accessible to people who have been to the gym or fitness class, who are looking for healthy snacks or who want to add more protein to their day.

"It is our aim to roll out super nutritious + delicious, high protein balls in the most fun + energetic way!" Matt Hunt - Founder

We now roll over 120,000 balls per day and are being sold in 29 different
countries across the globe.


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