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The Protein Ball Co and World Vegan Month

World Vegan Month

November 6, 2018

November is the celebration of World Vegan Month - a time to recognise how accessible and beneficial a vegan lifestyle can be, and to encourage the vegan-curious to adopt a vegan way of life by sharing advice, recipes and ideas.

There’s lots of ways to get involved in World Vegan Month, including:

  • Hosting a vegan dinner party with friends
  • Supporting your local vegan charity or animal sanctuary
  • Share your vegan recipes on social media
  • Buy vegan friendly Christmas gifts for your friends and family  
  • Take part in a World Vegan Month event or host your own
  • Challenge yourself or family and friends to go vegan for 30 days by taking The Vegan Society Pledge

We love this vegan friendly recipe from Wallflower Kitchen for a creamy mushroom risotto - great for warming you up on a cold autumn evening. We also love enjoying vegan friendly snacks in between meals to keep our cravings at bay. As you may well know, we now offer seven vegan flavours - four different protein ball and three different breakfast ball products! We are very proud that all of our vegan products are certified by The Vegan Society.

Our seven vegan flavours of protein balls are made with plant protein powders such as pea, rice and pumpkin. Using a combination blend of plant based proteins means that our products provide consumers with the same amount of essential amino acids as whey protein. Some other benefits of vegan protein powders are that they are full of fibre, low in cholesterol and full of disease fighting phytonutrients. See our full vegan selection here.

You can find out more information on World Vegan Month and how to celebrate it on The Vegan Society website. Be sure to share your celebrations on social media using the #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay hashtags.