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The Protein Ball Co has launched two new vegan flavours

We've launched two new vegan flavours!

March 19, 2018

You may remember that a while ago we asked you lovely lot to give us some suggestions for which flavours you would like to see appear next in The Protein Ball Co family.

Well after a great deal of recipe development, planning and designing, we couldn’t be happier to announce our two new vegan protein ball flavours!

Welcome to the family, Peanut Butter + Jam and Raspberry Brownie!

As Peanut Butter is our best seller, we decided to launch our healthy twist on a classic American combo, peanut butter and jelly. Our new Peanut Butter + Jam (15% protein - high protein) has all the nutty creaminess of our original PB but with a fruity, strawberry edge. This will definitely be one your kids will love!

Our Cacao + Orange is also rather popular and we wanted create another chocolatey flavour but using vegan protein this time. Raspberry Brownie (12% protein - a source of protein) has a rich taste of chocolate mixed with refreshing raspberry + is perfect for a chocolate substitute or sweet treat without the guilt.  

This addition of two new flavours brings us to a total of eight different flavours - four with vegan protein, three with whey protein + one with egg white protein. Meaning we can cater for all diets + lifestyle choices.

Buy them in our shop here.