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The Protein Ball Co and KLBD Kosher certificate

The Protein Ball co is now Kosher

March 13, 2018

After registering our vegan flavours with the Vegan Society, we decided to look into getting our Kosher Certificate as well, so that our products are suitable for people of all different cultures, lifestyles and religions.

Kosher is a Hebrew word that means fit, proper or correct. Nowadays, it is mostly used to describe food and drink that complies with Jewish religious dietary law. For a product to be kosher certified, each ingredient, food additive + processing aid used in its production must also be kosher. The production process must also be suitable for kosher requirements and therefore it must be approved by a kosher auditor.

The KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading international agency operating across six continents + is proud to have been the leading force in kosher certification for more than a century. KLBD currently certifies over 1,500 companies, in 70 countries and their logo is globally recognised.

We will be refreshing our packaging in May 2018 to reflect this exciting news + to let our customers know that five of our flavours are now Kosher - Cherry + Almond, Raspberry Brownie, Peanut Butter + Jam, Lemon + Pistachio and Goji + Coconut.

You can check if your favourite foods are Kosher on their app here.