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The Protein Ball Co Party + Mini Rollers

Mini Rollers Roll Your Own Protein Ball Party

March 1, 2018

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we wanted to hold a “Roll Your Own” protein ball party with our mini rollers.

One day last week most of the team got together with their little ones to get them mixing our all natural ingredients + hand rolling their very own protein balls.  

Our mini rollers absolutely love our protein balls, just as much as we do + they really enjoyed getting involved in getting messy and making protein balls with their favourite flavours + ingredients. They looked so cute in their mini roller aprons, hats + colourful t-shirts!

We laid some of our ingredients, including dates + plant protein powder, out on the table and our founder Hayley helped them all to add the main ingredients into their bowls before choosing which flavours they wanted to go for.

Some wanted chocolatey ones so went with mainly cacao, some loved the fruity taste so went with raspberries + blueberries, and some went for more of a grown up taste by using coconut. Of course the ingredients didn’t last long on the table as some of the little ones were digging in before even making their protein balls!

Hayley then taught them how to mix all the ingredients together with their fingers - which they loved as it got good + messy! She then showed them how to break pieces off + start rolling them into balls.

The result was a beautiful array of colourful and textured protein balls (of all shapes + sizes!) and a very messy kitchen!

We all had a great time + think we’ve definitely got some protein ball rollers in the making!