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15 Fitness & Food Experts share their Favourite On-the-go Snacks

15 Fitness & Food Experts share their Favourite On-the-go Snacks

July 25, 2018

As a healthy snacking brand, it’s no surprise that we love to hear what others enjoy snacking on. We enjoy trying out new and innovative snacks, and love snacking on brands such as our friends at Hippeas and Propercorn. We’ve spoken to some of our favourite foodie bloggers, fitness influencers and nutritionists to ask them what their favourite on-the-go snacks are.

Nutty Snacks

Nuts are always a great snack for on-the-go as they’re high in natural fats and keep you fuller for longer. Recipe Creator Niki Behjou, says her number one on-the-go snack would be raw almonds. “They're easily portable and taste so good not to mention the added benefits of vitamin e and helping to lower bad cholesterol!”

Blogger Holly Parish also enjoys nuts in the form of a bar. “My favourite on the go go-to snack is The Foodie Market Pecan Pie or Cashew Crush bars from Aldi. I love these bars because they are really filling so they keep me going until the next meal. They are made just with nuts and dates so I know exactly what I am eating and it curbs my sugar cravings and stops me reaching for something naughty! They also amazing for a pre-workout energy boost.

If you’re a bit of a grazer, a bag of dried fruits and nuts is a great alternative snack to a bag of crisps or something naughty. Ashleigh Dougherty from Being Ashleigh blog says her number one on-the-go snack is probably Tesco packs of macadamia nuts and cranberries. “The nuts are moreish and the cranberries give me that sweet craving that we all get at our desks, except mine is met guilt free!” 

Carys Jackson from Active Life is a bit of a grazer herself, so she often makes her own high protein snacks to keep her cravings at bay. “If I have planned ahead I love to make my own healthy snacks from healthy cakes and energy balls to smoothies or mini crumbles. My favourite ingredients to use are; peanut butter, vanilla whey protein, almond butter, frozen bananas, and pitted dates. If I am out and about and haven’t packed a snack, I always opt for the same 3 snacks I can get my hands on easily - a carrots and hummus snack pot, coconut smoothie from Up Beat and my favourite flavour from The Protein Ball Co - peanut butter!”

Wintry Snacks

If you’re looking for a wintry healthy snack, look no further. Fitness guru Katie Bulmer-Cooke often changes her snack of choice with each season. “In the summer I’m all about fresh fruit and trying new and exotic things, but as soon as the nights get dark and winter creeps in I reach for small flasks of homemade soup or protein balls.”

Another heart warming snack is these Blueberry Oat bars from Nutrition & Health Coach, Eva. They are vegan, gluten-free with no refined sugar which definitely makes them a winner. “Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, they are superfood bars you can feel good about. This is probably one of the most delicious ways to get plant protein, omega 3s, vitamins and minerals into your body first thing in the morning or as a post-workout snack.” Find the full recipe here.

Adam Warren who is behind Food & Fitness Always says he has many go-to snacks ready in case hunger strikes! His favourite at the moment is overnight oat jars as they’re easy to put together and adaptable for different tastes and cravings. “You take a jar with a lid and add half a cup of oats, half a cup of flavoured milk, half a cup of flavoured or greek yoghurt, then top it off with some fruit, along with extra granola, peanut butter, vanilla, cinnamon, the list is endless! Finally you place the jar in the fridge for several hours or overnight and you've got a healthy snack there for you when you get that sudden craving for food!”

Simple Snacks

Sometimes healthy snacks come in the most simplest form. It’s not always about concocting in depth recipes with lots of different ingredients. A healthy snack can simply be a piece of fruit or vegetable. Recipe Creator & Food Photographer Sammi Ricke says his favourite on-the-go snack is an apple and cheese stick. They are easy to grab on my way out the door and simple to eat while I'm driving or watching my kids' sports practices. There is just something about the crispness of the apple and slight saltiness of the cheese stick that makes for the perfect snack combo!” Em Sheldon from Em Talks agrees, saying “I absolutely love apples as an on-the-go snack. They fill me up really quickly but taste delicious, plus they’re good for me!”

Another simple on-the-go snack is eggs. Nutritionist Melanie Boehmer explains: “One large egg contains about 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 4 grams of fat. They are an inexpensive and convenient way to tide me over until my next meal. Eggs are full of vitamin A (for your eyes), vitamin D (for your bones), and contain all 9 essential amino acids. They are quite literally the "perfect protein". Better yet, hard boiled eggs travel easily and don’t need to be refrigerated. And, you can easily change the flavor profile by adding different herbs and spices.”

Katie from Sweaty Stilettos like to mix it up a bit with her go-to snack. “I think my number one on-the-go snack would have to be a banana dipped in a little bit of almond butter. I can never decide whether I fancy savoury or sweet, so it’s the perfect compromise – and super filling too.”

Vegan Snacks

If you follow a vegan diet, the lovely girls behind the beautiful Instagram account Vegan Vultures have got some top tips on some vegan friendly on-the-go snacks. "One of our favourite snacks has got to be the Lemon + Pistachio protein balls by The Protein Ball Co. One little bag packs one mighty punch. With each ball of goodness, you get a high protein content in such a natural and delightful way. For us the fact that this company understood that vegans need their protein too makes the snack even more delicious. The size of the bag makes it easy for on the go snacking. All around, it is a hard snack to beat!" We promise we didn’t pay them to say that! :-)

Sweet Treats

The guys at Mindful Chef believe in starting your day right, with a high protein breakfast. Their Blueberry and Banana pancakes are so delicious, and serve well as a mid-morning or evening snack when you want to indulge without being unhealthy. “They keep you full for hours afterwards and are super-speedy to make (in just 15 minutes!)” says Community Manager Olivia Parker.

Editor at Eluxe Magazine, Chere says her number one one the go snack is plain salted popcorn! “It's super healthy, full of fibre, and relatively low in calories. Thing is, you have to check what kind of oil it's popped with - high oleic sunflower oil is best, I believe - and also, you have to be sure it's not GMO corn. But when those two boxes are checked - YUM! Added bonus: eating popcorn also reminds me of going out to the movies.”

Fruity Snacks

Fruit is always a good choice when it comes to snacking on-the-go. It’s easy to grab as you’re running out of the house, requires little to no preparation, and can curb a sweet tooth that will often lead to eating unhealthy things. Personal Trainer Jessie Pavelka says his favourite snacks often include fruit. “It will depend on where I am and what I am doing as to what I would choose, but if I am able I will grab one of the following:

  • Small banana and small hand full of almonds or walnuts.
  • Apple and spoonful of peanut butter
  • Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

“Where possible I will include PCF (protein, fats and carbs) in each meal, including snacks. It's not always easy but I encourage people to plan ahead to be able to do this.”

So there you have it! A HUGE blog post containing top tips from 15 expert nutritionists, personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and foodie bloggers. We’ll definitely be trying some of these delicious suggestions out, and we hope you do to! If you’ve got any top tips for healthy snacks, please email us at